“I am a dwarf, my honor is my life and without it I am nothing. I shall become a Slayer, I shall seek redemption in the eyes of my ancestors. I shall become as death to my enemies untill I face he that takes my life and my shame”

This class may not be taken at first level


Slayers are Dwarves who have lost their honor and taken an oath to regain it by finding death in battle. Upon Taking the oath the Slayer will shave his hair to a mohawk and dye it orange. They may over time, begin to tatoo thier bodies, so as to further stand out on the field of Battle.

Regardless of previous Class affiliation, a Slayer revert back to a lvl 1 fighter, eschewing all previous abilities, with the following exceptions:

  1. retains all HD, untill they are surpased by the Fighter levels
  2. retains saving throw scores until surpassed

The slayer will foreswear all armor and magical devices that grant armor class bonuses and they will immediately specialize in either of:

  • The Great axe (same stats as Two handed Sword)
  • 2 Battle Axes (second axe is treated as if the Dwarf had 17 DEX)
    They will not use ranged weapons, as their goal in life is to die a glorious death in battle. However, they are still dwarves, so they will fling themselves in the fray with all the stubborness and ferocity that a dwarf can bring to bear.

They gain the following in lieu of armor use:

  • They recieve their constitution bonus to saving throws as an AC bonus as well
  • They have a 2% chance to shrug off any blow (treat a hit as a miss) per level (to MAX HD)

Much like a Cavalier, a Slayer will seek out the toughest opponent in any battle, seeking the sweet release of death. They will charge any enemy in sight, with the following order of preference:

  1. Powerful monsters (dragons, demons, giants, etc.) serving enemy leaders, then the leaders themselves.
  2. Opponents of great renown, enemy flags and standards
  3. Opponent elite footmen
  4. Opponent camp and headquarters
  5. Opponent melee troops
  6. Levies or peasants
    The Slayer’s charge will be made at full speed, regardless of army
    cohesion, intervening friendly troops, or other such considerations.


Slayers, due to the oath they have taken to pursue a clean death, are immune to fear (magical or otherwise) of any sort. In addition, magical or magic-like phenomena which affect the mind are 90% unlikely to have any effect. This includes powers such as beguiling, charm, domination, hold, hypnosis, magic jas possession, sleep, suggestion, and the psionic mind blast.This 90% immunity is in addition to any saving throw, if applicable.


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