Leveling Your Character


No training will be required for your first five levels. It will be automatic but with defrayed cost.. When you are ready to train for level six, you will need to find a trainer, and the cost of training for level six will include all of the defrayed training cost from previous levels. That means, you will have a training cost of around 40000 sp for level 6. you will also need to devote 5 weeks “game time” to training.

The Training Calculation is: 1500 SP x Current level
+ 1 week per level training time.


XP: XP is gained by killing stuff, and finding stuff.
Monster XP is low.
But, you will xp for treasure found on a 1:1 SILVER:XP basis.
Magic items do not grant XP if they are used by a party member at any point.
If a magic item is marked for sale by the party, and has not been used, the sale will generate XP

Leveling Your Character

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