Herein lie the house rules for surprise and initiative, as well as my modified combat rules. these rules supersede any rules they contradict in the DMG, UA, or PHB, unless otherwise noted

Basic Structure

Combat is is broken up into 6 minute Turns. Each Turn in broken up into six 1 minute Rounds. Each Round is further broken into 10 six second Segments.


When combat is engaged, each side rolls a d6. Your Party is considered surprised by a roll of 1-2, as modified by certain classes (Rangers, for instance). Surprise rounds are adjucated as follows:

  1. Each side rolls a d6
  2. If the difference between the rolls is 5 the side that rolled high gets 2 rounds of surprise action
  3. If the difference is 3-4 they recieve 1 round of surprise action and they automatically win initiative
  4. If the difference is 1-2 they recieve 1 round of surprise action

During a surprise round, the surprised party is considered flat footed and loses any AC adjustment (positive adjustments, that is) provided by a High dexterity score.


Each Player and each monster (for large groups of enemies the DM may group monsters for ease of play) will roll a d10. Low scores win. The number you roll is the “segment” that you will begin your action during that round.


  • Ties in Initiative roll will be broken by Weapon Speed Factors
  • Characters with multiple attacks in a round will take their first attack on their initiative and the remainder at the end of the round
  • Casting a spell during combat will take the requisite number of Segments or Rounds as stated in the spell’s description, casting begins during the segment that the character rolled during initiative.

  • After initiative is established, both sides take turns until one side is victorious.
  • Magic users begin casting on their initiative and the spell completes after the appropriate number of segments have passed
  • If a caster takes more than 1 HD worth of damage while casting a spell, they must roll a save vs petrification to see if their casting has been interrupted. **They must only make one such roll per round, regardless of how many sources of damage there are. See Strain
  • If a Character is brought into negative hit points, they are rendered unconscious, and will lose 1 HP per round until they die (-1HD) or are stabilized.
  • Any character that has been brought below 0 HP must have full night’s rest, that is 8 hours worth, before being able to do anything other than very light activity. The use of a heal spell negates this necessity. If a character’s class modifies this rule, the class rules stand.

Two Weapon Fighting
  • Only a Character with a DEX score Above 15 may use a weapon in their off hand
  • The Off-hand Weapon must be a Dagger or a Hand Axe
  • A Character may, with the listed penalty and upon a successful hit, add the damage Die from the off Hand Weapon to the first attack they are allowed in a given round
    **Penalties are as follows: DEX of 17 -2. DEX of 16 -3, DEX of 15 -4
  • Any Magical bonuses the Off hand weapon has will not be taken into consideration for the purposes of “hitting”
  • Backstabbing may only be done with the main hand weapon
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