As Per the PHB p. 20. Changes to the class are listed below.

Keep in mind we are using the Strain cost method of casting, the spells per level tableis only useful to let you know when you will have access to the next level of spells. See: On the use of Magic

Your spell list can be found here: Cleric Spells

You may chose any god from the Pantheon of Good (that is any LG NE or CG god + Boccob).
The Pantheon

Healing Spells are thus:

1st Level Cure Lt Wounds 1d8
2nd Level Aid 1d8
3rd Level Cure Mod Wound 2d8
4th Level Cure Ser Wound 3d8
5th Level Cure Cri Wound 4d8
6th Level Heal

This is slightly different than the Listed spells, but more beneficial for the party.

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