As per Unearthed Arcana pp 15-16. ammended as follows:

  1. If a marital character (fighters and their subclasses, cavs, cav-paladins) chooses to hold a prof slot, they may apply it whenever the choose in between levels, however, they must spend three combats “self training”. i.e.- the first time the use it in combat they receive the full NP penalty, the second time they use it the penalty is halved, the third time they use it they have no penalty to hit. Throughout this process whenever they roll “to hit” any d20 roll of 1-2 is a miss.
  2. Proficiency slots can be used to increase efficacy with weapons already taken. Added Proficiency in existing weapons for characters above first level decreases the weapon speed by 1 for melee weapons, to a minimum of 1, or increases the short and medium ranges for missile weapons by 10% rounded to the nearest integer.

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