Halfling "Acquirer / Purveyor of Goods"


66 pounds of succulent halfling pleasure, squeezed into a ravishing 3 foot 1 inch lady pleasing body. What. A. Rogue.


Lem is a friendly halfling, the nice type of rogue who knows he has the charisma and charm to make friends with just about anyone, which he is not afraid to point out. He grew up in a human settlement, raised by his parents (both alive) Alexander and Noriko, along with his two younger sisters – Claudia & Laura. While his father was frequently out on “guard” business, he spent most of his youth at the local temple with his mother who worshiped there.

As mischievous as any halfling is, and a little put out at the “too much attention” the priest paid his mother, Lem got it into his head to pull a bit of a prank on the priest. While traveling members of the clergy were visiting the temple, on a pilgrimage to the main temple in Littleburg, he found his opportunity. The visiting clergy members were transporting a small item some adventurers had discovered, believed to be magical in nature, a pair of miniature golden lions. The priests were convinced by young Lem that they absolutely had to try out the local pub, as the barkeep was tapping a fresh keg of the local specialty – Pot Belly Porter, the item would of course be safe in the hands of our local priest while they enjoyed the local flavor.

The following day, the priest was branded as a traitor to the church marked forever by the traitorous mark now left on his forehead. Sentenced to walk the lands forever, serving penance for his crime of theft. The priest would not name his accomplices nor where he stored the item, he instead feigned innocence and prostrated that he had no knowledge of the item or who had taken it. Feeling just a bit too guilty for a prank gone wrong, Lem also left town not a few days after. His boots laced tight, his pack full of food, and weighted down ever so slightly with one potentially magical item of unknown origins Lem’s adventures had just begun!

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