Laslowe Cogweaver

Proprietor: Laslowe's Lode of Legendary Stuff


Male Gnome
white hair
green eyes
120 years old


Laslowe Cogweaver is a member of the Town Council and is a prominent businessman in Saltmarsh. At his shop he sell wondrous potions of all sorts and various Magical trinkets.

He came to Saltmarsh to found his shop almost 60 years ago, and has been a part of the community ever since.

There are rumors that he knew the Alchemist who supposedly lived in the Haunted House, and the he dabbles in Alchemy. He is closed lipped on these subjects, either because he is hiding something, or he is cultivating a sense of mystery.

He runs Laslowe’s Lode of Legendary Stuff


Laslowe Cogweaver

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