Corona Titanleaf

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Corona Titanleaf is an only child. She had an older brother who died at age 8 and, ever since then, her father let her do things girls weren’t traditionally allowed to do (hunt, fish, burp loudly). Her mother put up with it because they had lost their only son and, by this time, they would not be able to have any more children. As Corona got older, her mother used to tell her “one day, you’ll put that hatchet down and pick up a doll”…but that never happened. Eventually, the neighborhood boys who used to be her friends, turned on her. Looking back, she’s sure it was just hormones and confusion over her lack of femininity, but they began to taunt her. They would make fun of her clothes, her hair, her way of speaking – everything. It was at this point, Corona realized she had two choices: conform to what they thought a girl should be…or learn to fight.

She chose the latter.

It started off earnestly enough – she convinced one of her father’s friends to teach her a few moves. But then she realized she was good at fighting. And it only took a couple of headlocks and black eyes before the neighborhood boys got the picture and left her alone. After that Corona became a bit of a loner, sinking into an unremarkable teenage existence. Around age 16 she started going off on her own for days at a time. She would explore new caves and traverse new rivers. At first, she did this mainly to get away from her mother (who was getting more and more anxious for Corona to “become a lady”)…but, gradually, she realized that exploring offered her peace of mind and a sense of accomplishment. In the woods, there were no judging eyes and, even the people she did meet, didn’t seem too concerned with her ratty braid or dirt-stained face.

It was around this time as well that Corona’s father fell ill. She rushed to be by his side but he only lasted a few weeks. Her mother was devastated and Corona stayed at home for many months doing everything she could to comfort her. Eventually the initial grief waned, though, and it was time to think of logical things…like money. While they weren’t badly-off, her mother wouldn’t survive too long without a steady income – and the mending business she ran wouldn’t be enough to sustain her. It was at this time Corona joined her first caravan. It was decent money and provided some travel and exploring. She also was able to spend time with an old friend who (although he initially joined in on the taunts) eventually apologized and became one of her few close friends. Corona’s mother still held out hope Corona would turn into a lady but that wish seemed more and more distant. And, truth be told, she needed an income more than she needed someone to play dress-up with.

It bears saying that Corona never did really get interested in boys. Maybe because so many were so cruel…or maybe it was just her nature. She’s shared a couple of kisses with girls on her travels and, as much as she can figure, that is where her heart lies. She’s implied this to her mother in the past but it’s never been a topic either has much cared to delve into.

Recently, Corona had an opportunity to join her childhood friend on an adventure into a haunted house. They were fairly successful (aside from the fact that he died for a little while) and that got Corona to thinking maybe there was more for her beyond caravans. She knows she is strong enough and a good enough fighter to best any man. And her feminine looks sometimes make themselves useful when trying get an enemy to lower their guard. For all these reasons, she has begun looking for opportunities to expand her marketable skills and get back to her love of adventuring. And, if she’s able to make enough money to support her mother and herself PLUS put some aside for the future, well then, that’s an added bonus! !

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Corona Titanleaf

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