Collum Stonecrow the Oreborn

Fighter Cleric of Dumathoin


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Clan Stonecrow grew to prominence through its honorable dealings, and it’s legendary forged masterworks. Many generations ago the Crystalmist Mountains were devastated, and in the chaos foul Giants pillaged my Clan’s Holdings, killing many and stealing powerful relics: The Hammer of Thunderbolts was lost in glorious battle, and the Axe of Dwarven Lords was left mounted in the throne room of the karak, now overrun. The disgrace of this forced my Great-Grandfather to step down as High King and diminished our status as a noble house.

I’m told my birth was heralded by a single white crow and that my palm bore the mark of a cut gem – the symbol of The Silent Protector. My reeling clan took this to be a good omen and took to calling me the ‘Oreborn’, a fancy way of saying someone is destined for an unknown but important task. They devoted much of their remaining resources to provide me with religious and basic military training, to become a Cleric of Dumathoin.

I spent much of my time training in and around the mines, protecting the workers from unearthed creatures and tending to their wounds when required. Dumathoin true to his word uncovered many gifts to the Clan hidden within the stone, and the more fervently I protected his domain, the more attuned I became at deciphering his silent lessons.

After I helped repel a particularly brutal attack by Orcish raiders on the stronghold, my training as a Cleric of Dumathoin was deemed satisfactory. The local High Priest granted me permission to go out into the world and walk the hidden path, to discover my destiny. I had no idea how to approach this task, but I solemnly nodded trying my best to look confident and set off to gather my things.

I polished the warhammer given to me by the Clan for serving as their defender, then set to hammering out a few dents from my large round shield. Finally I strapped an iron bound book to my waist by chain. This book of grudges has been in my family for generations, but I took the liberty of searing the image of a gem into the cover and added pages from my clerics training.

Leaving the Clan Holdings I swore an Oath to my ancestors that I would recover the stolen relics: the hammer to restore my clan’s pride and the axe to place my father on the throne as High King. With no real plan besides swearing an oath and wanting to introduce my hammer to some giants, I set off on my first noble quest: to find a Tavern and have a beer.




- God of mining and underground exploration
- Known as the “Keeper of Secrets Under the Mountain”
- Protector of Dwarven Dead

Clerics of Dumathoin are called “Talhund” or “hidden gifts”
- Protect the mines from looters and thieves
- Protects the miners from creatures of the underdark
- Seeks the gifts of ore hidden in the rock by Dumathoin

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Collum Stonecrow the Oreborn

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