So you want to be a Hero?

The party gathers... and kicks some ass
That's not a Haunted Mansion!

As Corona and Gaslowe head back to the house, Lem spies Valanthia heading to the house. Collum and Pantaloons, having become fast friends over a pint (or 5) at the tavern, decided to follow Corona and Gaslowe to the House, to see what the Hubbub is all about.

After some exploring in the basement of the house, and an encounter with a very astute ogre, the party was able to clear out the remaining smugglers from the cavern complex in town. However after talking to Mayor Brady, it appears that there are still a few mysteries remaining…

  • Who is Xanth?
  • What exactly does this Page with Strange Markings mean?
  • Who is “L” and how do they figure into the smuggling ring?
  • Why would anyone thing “swordfish” is a good password?
  • Who are the “dregs of the swamp” alluded too, and what merchandise is being sold to them?

The mayor offered to gift the property of the “Haunted Mansion” to the party, on the understanding that they fix it up, and provide protection tot he surrounding land. To this end he has enlisted the town engineer to draft plans for upgrades to the house. He has also offered to provided workers for the farm land surrounding the property, and has offered to provide all the material and man power costs for this venture, in return for 90% of the profits.

The town council has also assigned a few men to patrol the coast in order to find the ship that must be bringing in the supplies to the smugglers.

The Adventure Begins
The Year is CY 590, and the time is now.

There have been rumors about the Haunted House on the bluff for years, and for years no one has gone out there and come back with anything but tales of horror, if they come back at all.

The Viscount has appointed a Lord to oversee the growth of Saltmarsh however, and her wants the Fertile farm land around the House for his own. The reward is good enough, and a motley band of Townies has decided to cast their lots together and seek some fortune.

Game Starts JULY 11th!