Thomas Brady

Mayor of Saltmarsh


Mayor Thom Bradly
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class: 5th Level Fighter (was 9th level see below)
Race: Human


Mayor Thom Bradly who is also known as the Champion of Saltmarsh was once a Captain in the Royal guard. Forty five or so years ago Thom was charged with the protection of one of the young nobles in the region. It was at this time that the young noble wanted to prove his bravery and heard about a vampire terrorizing the small fishing village of Saltmarsh. Thom escorted the eager noble with his company of guards and confronted the vampire in its lair. Most of Thom’s men were dead when the vampire attacked the young noble and only Thom stood between the two combatants taking the blow that was meant for the noble draining Thom. Weakend and near death himself Thom mustered all of his remaining strength and with a broken spear shaft he launched himself at the vampire running it through its black heart. After the battle Thom was unable to find a priest that was able to restore the damage that the vampire caused and decided to retire from the guard. The grateful noble rewarded Thom for his bravery and gave him enough gold for Thom to buy a fishing cog and home in Saltmarsh. Over the next 20 years Thom spent his life building up his fishing company to several ships and warehouses. It was this time when the village counsel came to Thom and asked him to become the mayor of the town. Thom has served as mayor for the past 25 years and his children run his fishing company and farming estate. Thom business consists of 3 cogs, 2 hulks and 2 caravels along with 3 warehouses on the docks and a rye farm. Thom is an honest man that is well loved by the people of Saltmarsh that employs over a third of the 2000 people that live in Saltmarsh. After the vampire attack Thom has been a superstitious person and will go out of his way to avoid all supernatural creatures. Thom will financially help the party investigate the Haunted Mansion but will not send any of his beloved towns folks or go himself.

Thomas Brady

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