Grendle Healtoe

Halfling Druid


Name: Grendle Healtoe
Race: Tallfellow Halfling
Age: 59
Height: 3’6”
Weight: 65lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown


Grendle is the local leader of a Tallfellow Halfling clan that lives and runs the local vineyard in Saltmarsh. Grendle was invited to settle in the Saltmarsh area twenty years ago by Thom and she led her small band of Halflings here to escape the constant attack at the hands of the goblins. She has placed many spells on the vineyard to protect the grapes that are grown for the wine and because of such the temperature will never drop below 60 degrees or go above 80 degrees and the humidity is a constant 55%. Grendle has placed many wards that naturally repel insects and birds that would be harmful to the grapes that she grows. Grendle also has several bee hives and lots and lots of wild flowers that the bees attend. She uses this honey to make Healtoe honey mead, which is a favorite of the elves of Darkwood.

The Healtoes also run a Spider silk Farm out near the Dreadwood. The spiders are kept in check due to magical enchamnets placed upon them by Grendle, and the farm is tended by a human family.

Grendle Healtoe

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